Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Suspected H1N1 in Indonesia

Apropos of my last post:
The Jakarta Post is reporting the first suspected case of H1N1 in Indonesia.  

The patient was identified by thermal scanning in the airport at Surabaya after arriving from Hong Kong, and is being treated in an isolation unit at a nearby hospital.  H1N1 infection has not yet been confirmed.

Indonesia is epicenter of the H5N1 epidemic in humans.  Not only is it the country with the most H5N1 infections to date, it is also home to the deadliest version of the virus.  The most recent official numbers* from Indonesia are 115 dead out of 141 cases, for a case fatality rate of 81.6%.  

*As you can see here, the WHO hasn't received official reports of any cases at all this year, despite the fact that we know the disease continues to occur in Indonesia, so any recent changes that might be occurring in the spread or virulence of the virus would not be reflected in these numbers.

If you're interested in (necessarily) unofficial reports of suspected cases and the latest news on H5N1 avian influenza in Indonesia, check out Bird Flu Information Center. 


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