Friday, May 1, 2009

From the Comments: Disinfection

Disinfecting surfaces in your home and workplace is an important way to protect yourself against the flu (including this H1N1 strain).  Pay particular attention to places you're likely to put your hands, like doorknobs, keyboards, mice (the computer kind), faucet taps, countertops, etc.  

Don't forget: Be careful not to mix different kinds of cleaners (i.e. bleach-based and ammonia-based) or you'll have definite toxic fumes to deal with, instead of possible swine flu.
john said...

can you tell me about disinfections techniques. In particular are anti-bacterials good against flu virus thanks

PanFluWatch said...

Yes, thankfully the flu virus is easier to kill than bacteria, so any disinfectant designed to kill bacteria (antibacterial disinfectants) should also protect you against the flu.

For more useful information on this topic, see these pages from

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